Established Safety Associations - Maritime Security

The reality for many years, traffic accidents remains the problem of the whole society, each year thousands of people gone forever, leaving behind a huge loss for the family and society. For activities of maritime accidents, marine incidents occur if left extremely serious consequences for humans, property and the marine environment should require preventive measures to limit maximum occurrence of accidents and incidents.

Thus, with the advent Associations desired ATANHH gathers solidarity organizations and individuals with knowledge of the maritime sector, especially with the same enthusiasm for the sector to exchange knowledge and experience on safety maritime security, in order to contribute to limit accidents and maritime incidents and minimize the damage occurs.
Dated 20.06.2016, the Vietnam Road Safety (Road Safety) has decided to establish Security Associations - Maritime Security, to function as a social organization-occupation of citizens voluntarily, Vietnam organizations, active in the field of safety, maritime security on a national scale. This is the first Association Council established ATGTVN.
Associations are managed directly ATGTVN Association, subject to the state management of the Vietnam Maritime Administration of the Ministry, industry-related fields of activity of the Association.
Operational objectives of the Association to actively participate in the development process, improve the system of legal documents on safety, maritime security and related safety and maritime security; propagation and dissemination of legal texts; the good example of the observance of legislation on safety, maritime security, making the legal provisions on safety, maritime security quickly come to life; Promote the application of scientific and technological advances; to deploy management solutions to improve the efficiency of the work of ensuring safety, maritime security; Protecting the rights and legitimate interests of its members, especially the members to participate in the supply of products and services for safety, maritime security.

Association Executive Committee 2016-2021 term ATANHH debut at Congress
(In the photo: Chairman Nguyen Van Quyen and ATGTVN
Director Nguyen Xuan Sang Maritime VN presented flowers to congratulate the Executive Board Association)
At the founding congress ATANHH Association, delegates agreed staffing scheme, announced the results of elected Executive Committee, Board of Inspection Association; simultaneously adopting the Charter, orientation activities and meeting decision. Associations also define the content and tasks set out specific measures to implement in order to improve performance according to the objectives and principles established.
Accordingly, the General Assembly elected the Executive Committee composed of 15 associations ATANHH comrades out of 42 individual members and organizations with enthusiasm, voluntarily joined the Association; Inspection Board consists of 3 members. Nguyen Huu Loc, Head of Personnel and Organization, Vietnam Maritime Administration was elected as head of Association; Vo Duy Thang, Truong ATATNHH room, VN Maritime Administration as Deputy Chief Associations Associations ATANHH.