Search and rescue 19 crew members of fishing vessels may be damaged, drifting at sea

28/09/2016 08h25 recovery day centers coordinate search and rescue maritime Vietnam (center) received the information: NA fishing vessel with 19 crew members 90000TS by Mr. Dao Ngoc Han (Nghe An) do shipowners, while operating at sea, the floating broken machines from noon on 27.09.2016, in position 18-28N; 106-42E, how Xuan Hai, Ha Tinh 52 nautical miles east southeast.

The crew on the fishing vessel NA TS 90000 was trying to fix the problem, it was not, at the scene did not have the means to support the ship in distress. Train emergency rescue requirements.
Immediately after receiving the information, to ensure the safety of lives of crew members on board in the current weather conditions in complicated cases, implementing the guidelines of the Ministry of Transport, the National Committee for Search and Rescue, Coordination Centre for search and rescue Maritime Vietnam has ordered a permanent ship is in port SAR273 Xuan Hai, Ha Tinh go rescue comes.

SAR273 tug vessel to vessel NA 90000TS and crew on the shore journey
28.09.2016 00 days to 16 hours, the vessel approached the ship SAR273 90000TS NA, conducting medical care and take the journey to the shore crew.
29/09/2016 07h42 to date, ships with 19 crew SAR273 NA Cua Lo 90000TS arrived safely.

MOT motivational gifts on board the NA 90000TS after the safety margins
* Implement search Quang Huy 16 crew missing
Simultaneously with the organization deployed 19 rescue crew 90000TS NA, Coordinating Center for maritime search and rescue Vietnam are organizing search and rescue crew Tran Van Thang (22, Nam Dinh) was 09/27/2016 13h20 missing since the day, in position 20-36.6 N; 106-58.2 E, Hon Dau 10 nautical miles from the east southeast. After discovering the missing 01 crew, 16 ships have returned QUANG HUY search, and mobilizes fishing vessels, divers and border agencies and port authorities Haiphong until 17h00 the same day but not yet detected by crew members in distress.
After receiving information on the incident at 18h35 in the day 27.09.2016, on the one hand, the center coordinate search and rescue maritime Vietnam has informed Marine, inform the ships passing out strengthen the observation, search assistance to the victims; simultaneously maneuvering vessel comes from Haiphong SAR411 go rescue.
Business search and rescue crew Tran Van Thang still SAR411 ship with tugs rolling from his 03, BP 2:06:02, 750 boats and 03 fishing vessels ST other search organizations.