Port authorities in Quang Tri campaign responded to make the world cleaner 2016

Currently pollution of the marine environment is the burning issue of global environmental protection therefore is protected marine life of our people. With the slogan "Everyone involved protecting the marine environment" and by the specific job, the fact that, every staff and employees in the unit are to raise awareness, responsibility to protect its environment .

Environmental pollution due to many reasons, but the main reason is still the man we perceive no proper and complete information about the surrounding environment. Therefore, environmental protection is still the issue should be everyone's concern and a matter of survival of all humanity.
Public servants Quang Tri Maritime port waste collection in coastal area Doors Vietnam
Identifying the importance of protecting the environment, the next time the Quang Tri port authorities continue to deploy, implement and launch the movement for environmental protection in an extensive way the whole unit, the vehicles, boats in the port to operate in Vietnam Cua, Europe Con Co and people residing around the harbor Store Vietnam to have proper awareness, think right, act right. Each job is small but contributing greatly to improving the environment, so "Environmental protection is not only the rights and obligations but also the culture and morality of each one of us".